Terms of use

1/ Introduction

These general sales conditions govern relation between customers and MELUN RETRO PASSION.

MELUN RETRO PASSION S.A.R.L  of 150 000€ of capital head office at 60 rue Vauchevre – 77115 BLANDY LES TOURS, our registration number “397.995.986.00023”. Our Email address is mrp.clients@orange.fr has developed a business and a website called www.melun-retro-passion.com whose aims include the sale in stores, mail order and online auto parts.

These general sales conditions govern relation between customers and MELUN RETRO PASSION and they have been accepted by  those  two parts. These general sales conditions can be modified at any time without notice. The current version is valid since January first 2013 . If you press “confirm the order “ ,  mean that your accept these general sales conditions, It will be the same for order by phax ,by phone or email.

2/ Make an order

You can make an order from our website 7/7jr 24/24hrs or by phone  to 0033 (Monday to Friday (10am - 12pm / 2pm – 5pm). By mail , please send your  purchase order and your way of payment to  MELUN RETRO PASSION - 60 rue vauchèvre-77115 BLANDY LES TOURS – FRANCE.
All professional order has to be done by fax, mail or on our website. NO PROFESSIONAL ORDER BY PHONE.

3/ Secure payment

You can use different ways of payment:
CB : By credit card online:
On our web site Http://www.melun-retro-passion.com/ The Transaction is secure with our system MERCANET of BNP Paribas.
Concerning our procedure, we never receive your credit card number; we get just your name bank.
And this in an encrypted (SSL) and automated. Your card is charged at the command without that we can intervene.
Mandat postal :  Cash Order
Customer  have to confirm your order and with the exact amount reported by the company MRP, the Customer send by POST  the mandat(postal money costs are borne by the customer).
Customer  Send order and the settlement to this address:
MELUN RETRO PASSION - 60 rue vauchèvre-77115 BLANDY LES TOURS – France

You can at any time change your personal information in step of the data processing   low and free from january 6 of 1978, please wrote to MELUN RETRO PASSION - 60 rue vauchèvre-77115 BLANDY LES TOURS – FRANCE.
In case of Credit carte payment by mail or by phone, your account shall be debited the day of departure of the parcel. If you paid by credit card on our website you will be debited the day of your order.
"ownership reserve clause" :  the items are ours until full payment of the item.
Melun retro passion can always ask for more information’s concerning identity, address etc ….  To participate on control against fraud payment.

4/ Items information.

The photographs, text, graphics, information and characteristics reproduced illustrating the products are indicative and are subject to change without notice. The item sold by MELUN RETRO PASSION can be mounted only on recommended manufacturer cars or systems by a competente person.

MELUN RETRO PASSION won’t be responsible for the consequences of improper installation or improper use of a vehicle for product.

The gift cards allow the recipient to pay for their purchases on our website exclusively (excluding shipping costs). The amount of the gift card can be used in one or more instalments by using the promotional code provided when the card is received. Current promotions are not taken into account when paying by gift card, the items concerned will therefore be deducted from their initial price on the balance of the gift card.

5/ Prices.

All prices are in euros with all taxes ( VAT)  without transportation coast. All orders have to be paid in euro  whatever the country of origin.

Prices can be modified at any time by MELUN RETRO PASSION.

6/ Availability.

Order will be honored depending of MELUN RETRO PASSION and suppliers stocks.

In case of missing items on the order and if the customer  doesn’t want  to wait to get the items delivery , the customer will be pay back within 30 days on them bank account.

7/ Delivery.

Items bought to MELUN RETRO PASSION can be delivery all other the world. Items are delivered to customer indicate address. The address should be précised on every order.

The processing time of an order is made by :
Preparation time (variable depending on stocks and activity): verification of the information entered by the customer from the date of payment + preparation of the order + handling of the package (s) by the carrier. 

Delivery time

MELUN PASSION RETRO cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any delay in delivery or delays due to weather conditions.

Delivery times are in ordinary times : concerning Europe and rest of the world, between 72 hours and a few days depending the destination.

In case of non receipt of a package within the period indicated, an investigation is made to the carrier during the investigation period, no refund or return can be made.

Any comments concerning an delivery incident must be indicate by registered mail with return receipt, or e-mail with return receipt within 7 days of delivery.

If it does not done, the client should not going on the MRP company whatever the reason.

Delivery times are given as indicative and not contractual, they reflect the storage policy our suppliers.

The delivery of your order is done by Colissimo EXPERT with an insurance and a delivery against signature. You may get the parcel number (request us) and watch it all live on:

Your package is delivered to you by a post agent. To facilitate your delivery, any clarification on your address is indispensable. Fill out all fields of the order on our website to be sure that the post agent is able to deliver your package in the best conditions. Do not forget to mention in the "contact": No. of the building, or access codes,  the floor, the number of your apartment, and other useful information. If  however you were away, your factor will file in your mailbox a card giving the date and address of the post office where you can collect your order upon presentation of an identity document. You have 15 days to collect your parcel from the date mentioned on the card. After this time, it will automatically be returned to the sender. In redirection requested by the customer, the shipping costs are again charged to the customer. No claims will be possible if the packaging is not opened in the presence of the delivery receipt.

If a package is damaged on delivery, the customer must refuse.

OVERSIDE ITEMS  BY POST :  Are dimensions ( height X lenth X width) between 1.5 meters and 2 meters. If your order are composed of many overside items, an extra charge will be ask.

OUTSIZE ITEMS  BY TRANSPORTEUR :  Are dimensions ( height X lenth X width) higher to  2 meters or more than 30KG. If your order are composed of many outsize items, an extra charge will be ask for each items.For all destination outside France, please contact us to get a shippement quotation.  

You can also come to the store to collect your orders, exclusively by appointment and ordering a chassis.
Once your order is complete, our teams will contact you to make an appointment on a specific day and time.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
For removal orders if packaging is necessary, packaging costs will be billed to you according to the size of your order.

8/ Repair- exchange

For all repair exchange item, MELUN RETRO PASSION asks for a deposit. The deposit will be refund as soon as we receive the old one.To get the deposit back, you can send your old part during 6 months after your order. The customer support the shipping caost.

9/ Right of withdrawal or money back.

Please note: Damaged, used or incomplete products will not be returned, exchanged or refunded. If the products have already been delivered to the customer or are in the course of transport, an order cancellation will be conditional on the return of the products in perfect condition in their original packaging, clean, torn and complete, at the customer's expense and only the shipping costs will be charged to the customer. In the event that the customer should return a product, new and clean in its original packaging to the company MRP, to proceed with an exchange, a prior agreement to return the product must be requested, by email, mail, telephone or directly in the customer area of ​​the MRP website, justifying in writing on the invoice the information necessary for processing the package. Without information from you on the reason for the return, it cannot be processed, we will await your information.

On the day of receipt of your package:

  • You have the right of withdrawal fourteen (14) days provided by law to return the items to us without having to justify a reason. Only the parts will be reimbursed at 100%, the return transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  • If for personal reasons, you are not satisfied with a product that you have ordered, you can return it to us, within 14 days, in its original packaging, without assembly trace, and we will refund the amount of the product. If the return is made beyond 14 days and within a maximum of 6 months, a 20% discount (on the price paid when ordering and not on the public price in the event of a promotion or other discount) will be applied and always under the same condition of the item (s) concerned and their packaging, without which there will be no refund made.
  • If returned products are deteriorate. (We do not take back damaged products or used), the return will be refused .the client has to cover the shipping costs.
  • In all cases, the client has to cover the shipping costs.The company MELUN RETRO PASSION ensures the satisfaction of its customers. We refund within days after receipt of the item. The company MELUN RETRO PASSION guarantees all products depending on vendor guarantees. The only warranties applied are those of our suppliers. We do not guarantee the phases of assembly and disassembly (only the parts are warranted). Items are guaranteed one (1) year, except for the batteries warranties, she will be six months, starting on the invoice day. The guarantee applies only to the extent that the item has been installed in accordance of the specifications.

Even partial Any disassembly without our agreement cancels the benefit of the guarantee. For all sales on EBAY see sales conditions specific to the EBAY site the specifications, the reference of it matches the original referenced assembly. The used parts are guaranteed three (3) months, only on request, from the invoice date. The guarantee applies only to the extent that the item has been installed in accordance of the specifications.Even partial disassembling without our agreement cancels the benefit of the guarantee. For all sales EBAY see sales conditions specific to the EBAY site.

A/ Returns procedure.

The right of retraction does not require us to take back products damaged, damaged,used or incomplete.
MELUN PASSION RETRO asks its customers to the following procedures for returning products:

  • Carefully Repack the product or products to be returned in the best possible condition.
  • Enter the following address on the original packaging:
    MELUN PASSION RETRO 60 rue Vauchévre - 77115 BLANDY TOURS

B/ Douane Law.

All orders delivery outside France may be subject to taxes and duties which are levied when the package reaches its destination. These duties and taxes due to the delivery of an item are at your charge and your responsibility. We are not required to check and inform you of customs duties and taxes. To find out, we advise you to check with the relevant authorities in your place of residence.

C/ Reception of Return.

WARNING: Items used,damaged or incomplete will not be returned, exchanged or refunded.

Upon receipt and acceptance of return Melun PASSION RETRO offers depending on product availability and customer requirements:

  • The product refund.
  • The redirection of a new product;

Refunds will be made according to the method originally used to regulations no later than 30 days after the date on which the client has exercised his right of withdrawal subject to prior approval MELUN RETRO PASSION the product concerned.

10/ Guarantees and after-sales services.

Careful: Items sold by the meter  and incomplete item will not be returned or exchanged.

To be eligible to products guarantee it is imperative to keep the purchase invoice for the product.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Replacement of consumables (bulbs, blades, batteries, discs, filters, fuses, jaw plates ...).
  • abnormal or improper use of the products. (Rally, competition ...)
  • defects and their consequences related to the use not in accordance with the purpose for which the product is intended (Rally competition ...).
  • defects and their consequences related to any external cause.
  • All rally parts that are not subject to any specific contractual guarantee.

The shipping coast shall be borne by the customer.

Please note that the statutory warranty does not apply or apply only partially to repair damage from an external cause (eg, accident, shock, lightning, power fluctuation ...), or the client's negligence resulting for example from a job or not in accordance with specifications of the equipment or detrimental to the good conservation of the room use installation.